Virtual presence


Virtual Events Solution

Teemew allows you to organize virtual events (tradeshows, seminars) and bring together thousands of participants remotely.
Teemew is a technology imagined by Manzalab, Serious Game and virtual reality expert. Fruit of five years of development, Teemew reunite a set of interconnected technological bricks making it possible to set up quickly and on various media, training and communication applications.


The Teemew Solution is deployed on PC, MAC and virtual reality headsets.


For more information : www.teemew.com


Thanks to Teemew, events always happen, whatever the unforeseen.
- An international medical organisation is organizing a seminar. Doctors from all over the world attend remote conferences and learn about the latest research results.
- A telecom operator offers its new products and services at a corporate event, to its thousands of employees and partners across the globe.
- An international trade fair offers its exhibitors virtual stands, allowing them to welcome thousands of visitors from all over the world without having to travel.


Participants are invited to download the application and identify themselves. They thus access the virtual event.
Reception area
Participants create and customize their own avatars before entering the virtual forum. Thanks to a calendar, they can register for the various spaces available.
The hall
The hall allows all participants to navigate between the available stands and auditoriums.
Participants are teleported to a dedicated and personalized space. Each stand is led by a presenter. The floor is given to visitors who can then ask questions. Videos and presentations managed by the exhibitor are visible to all.
The Auditorium is hosted by one or more presenters who can speak and activate content.
Visitors may be given the floor to ask questions.
Navigation and calendar
Participants can freely visit the hall thanks to a simple and intuitive user interface.
Access to the various spaces can be organized using a calendar available before the event.


Your Teemew is unique. It embodies the values ​​and image of your company.
All the know-how of Manzalab gives birth to an environment and personalized content according to your wishes or those of your customers.