Our identity

Manzalab Group is a digital experience designer.

Since 2010, we use neuroscience research scientific rigor and technological developments to serve all sorts of creativity. 

With offices in Paris, Aix-en-Provence and Singapore, our ecosystem comprises five entities, five different but complementary excellence centers:

 Manzalab, Manzavision, Akenomy, CyberZen and Longue-Vue.


Together, we create new digital experiences covering several different areas such as: training, communication, design, industry, cyber-security and entertainment. 

At the forefront of Collaborative VR, we design our experiences for PCs, tablets and mobile phones as well as for virtual and augmented reality environments.


Our skills

Manzalab Group is here to help you design all your digital projects.

Serious Game

Our training solutions designed for PCs, tablets and mobile phones or virtual reality environments combine neuroscience with immersive technologies.

Our command of training and gaming pillars allows for inductive pedagogy, addressing a variety of themes: inclusion and diversity, compliance, assessment, customer relationship, sales training...


"Sales training" Serious Game designed for the ready-to-wear multinational, H&M © 

We develop a new approach to communication supports.

The deployment of digital tools in AR, VR and Collaborative VR enriches business strategy, for both internal and external communication: AR product presentations, virtual showrooms, Collaborative VR conference rooms



AR system designed for the top worldwide helicopter manufacturer, Airbus Helicopters © 


Our expertise in design and user experience enhances brands to reinvent themselves.

We design and build the products, services and virtual spaces of tomorrow. We also build significant and long-term relationships with consumers, while always complying with brand territory, affordances and ergonomics requirements.


"Virtual Music Moments" VR experience developed for the on demand music company, Spotify © 

Our solutions to meet the challenges of industrial productivity are available in PC, tablet and mobile phones formats as well as for VR and Collaborative VR environments.

Major player in the 4.0 industry sector, the Manzalab Group makes real time visualization and processing of strategic data – as regards supply chain, lean management and quality control - possible


4.0 Industrie


Optimizing solution for production line, Oracle © 


Downplaying cyber security allows for optimal protection.

We use new technologies jointly with immersive and fun experiences. They serve the purpose of training and raising awareness, hence enhancing best practices’ acquisition. We teach the trainee how to stand as a bulwark against threats in this critical area.


"Safe Desk" awareness experience designed for an international banking group © 

We cover all aspects of motion design, from storyboard and graphic presentation to 4K / 8K creation… Video-capture using drones and/or 360° cameras allows for new sensorial experiences.

Sometimes interactive, but always immersive, they lead users to sublimated universes.

Motion Design


360° view teaser realized for Longue-Vue company © 

4.0 technologies

Serving your goals

PC, Tablets & Mobile phones

Cross-platform portage on PCs, tablets and mobile phones makes a fast and efficient deployment possible. Access to pedagogic or communication tools will be available anywhere, 24/7.

Augmented Reality

On a mobile phone or using Microsoft’s HoloLens headband, augmented reality allows the enrichment of real universes with an overlay of virtual elements. Such experiences significantly increase the understanding of real world environments.

Virtual Réality

Whether the technical device is fixed (e.g. HTC Vive, Oculus) or mobile (e.g. Samsung Gear), virtual reality takes you to inaccessible or imaginary worlds. In these virtual environments, you’ll be able to live interactive and immersive experiences.

Collaborative VR

Our virtual universes, accessible to multiple users, in real time and remotely, make it possible to invite and meet others or present your projects in a totally new way. No more need for heavy and costly devices, all you need is a mobile phone or a PC and everything suddenly becomes more intuitive and engaging.

360° Vidéo

Enter real universes, filmed at 360 degrees, as if you were actually there. From home and the comfort of your couch, you’ll travel the whole world; visit a museum or a company.


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