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Creator of Serious Games




Creator of Serious Games


A new generation of training

The Serious Game: at a crossroads between videogame and pedagogy


Innovative pedagogy

Synergy between playing and pedagogy is key to success.

« There is no learning without a hedonist experience. »

(Sigmund Freud)

The pleasure triggered by the game is such a strong motivation vehicle that it does stimulate the learner’s desire to progress and ensure their engagement in the long run.

« Tell me, I will forget.
Teach me, I will remember.
Involve me, I will learn. »

(Benjamin Franklin)

Serious Game is an experiment of life. The learner, placed in a given situation, gets involved through action and learns in an inductive way.

« Failure is the mother of success. »

(Chinese proverb)

Virtual reality allows a free and safe experimentation. Learner progress through a try and learn approach, and through perseverance.


Game as a motivation factor

The Fun Theory

Walk up the stairs; it is better for your health! Few people follow this advice. How to encourage people to take the stairs? The answer is in this video.

Game as a motivation factor

Video Games good for health

The Re-Mission game, conceived for young patients suffering from cancer, was the subject of a clinical study in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Spain and France. This study showed that young players had a better understanding of their illness and better underwent their treatment, reaching 100% observance during the period of the study.

Game as a motivation factor

The Serious Game in the field of health

Manzalab organized a conference on Serious Game for health for the Sanofi Aventis Laboratories. Held by Michael Stora and Clément Merville, this conference gathered around 100 people. It delivered an overview of the issues a stake as regards Serious Games conceived for therapeutic guidance and future prospects in the field.

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Our technologies

Manzalab develops its own technologies and addresses all types of devices: PC offline or online, social networks, mobile phones, touchpads.

REPLICA © Technology

Replica is a conversational intelligent engine for behavioral training. Virtual actors converse with the learner and make interaction decisions based on pedagogic rules.
Thanks to voice recognition, the player is placed in a immersive situation.

The Manzalab LMS

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is an online service dedicated to learners and trainers:

  • User management access control
  • Statistic tools and automated reporting

All our software applications are AICC/SCORM compatible and can be interfacable with all LMS on the market (WBT, Moodle, Cornestone, Sumtotal, SAP).


Our clients


Our tailored services

My job interview, with SFR

Facilitate integration of young jobless people into the workplace
How to introduce oneself, understand the regulations of a company, explain one’s motivation, all are among the main requirements of recruiters. To successfully pass a job interview it is in the first place necessary to master professional behavioral skills. For some young people, having poorly performed at school, coming from areas targeted for special help in education, or sensitive urban areas, the job interview becomes a blocking stage on their way to employment...

Our tailored services

Mission Phosphorus with SANOFI

Therapeutic Education
Mission Phosphorus is an educative game about the management and the role of nutrition in the treatment of patients with chronic renal failure. Its goal is to raise people awareness of phosphorus management and importance of healthy diet. Mission Phosphorus was conceived and developed by Manzalab for SANOFI.

Our tailored services

Security Immersion with VEOLIA

Learning the appropriate security gestures
Security is at the heart of the Human Resources policy of Veolia and is always looked after with more and more care. Veolia Propreté wished to renew its training tools and bring innovation with the creation by Manzalab of a learning simulator dedicated to teaching the correct security gestures to the conductors of industrial waste pickup trucks.

Our tailored services

Lead the way with WEBHELP

Managers’ training
One of the leading actors of Customer Relationship Management, Webhelp has commissioned Manzalab to create a Serious Game to train its managers. “Lead the way” is a team management game where the learner-player is managing a team of 8 employees. A great number of actions are proposed to the learner: team building, motivation or refocusing interviews, skills development, setting objectives, action plan, etc...

Our tailored services


Design aid
With its subsidiary ManzaConsulting (, Manzalab develops software designed for research departments and industrialization services. Our D2C services involves modeling as well as associate data stemming from management (SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft) and from engineering (Catia, Solidwork) systems, in order to allow all participants to understand and optimize direct costs of complex systems.

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Our ready-to-play Products

My Experience of the Annual Interview

The Annual Interview offers a unique opportunity to confront the needs of a company and the expectations of its employees; to assess the skills of an employee, to identify their strengths and weaknesses, to set goals for the year to come. Manzalab offers an innovative and playful training activity through the use of an interview simulator (based on our REPLICA technology). This training delivers Managers all the keys to understand the implications of the annual interview and conduct it in full confidence.

Available for download, on DVD and USB key

Our ready-to-play Products

My Experience of working position

Manzalab proposes a game to treat muscular and skeleton pain of people working in front of a computer. This training device relies on the recommendations of the Inserm (Institut de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale). Three pedagogic objectives are targeted: body position, chair position, tools placement. These objectives are correlated with the pain which everybody can feel at work: pain within the neck, shoulders, arms, wrist, back, legs.

Available for download, on DVD and USB key

Our ready-to-play Products

ClashBack: simulator of adolescent crisis situations

ClashBack is a Serious Game about mediation intended for adolescents in psychological and behavioral difficulties. Through a simulator of adolescence moments of crisis, the game allows to live through exchange situations with close relatives. The player interacts with virtual characters and makes choices to keep a conversation going. He is then faced with situations leading him to understand the consequences of his actions and better understand the reactions they entail.

Avalaible for download on touchpads (iPad and Androïd), or for PC (DVD or USB key).

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Our Innovation partners

In association with the cognitive science laboratory of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris, the CNRS and the Direction Générale de l'Armement, we invent training tools for tomorrow. In association with the CEA and the Inserm, we study learning process of the human brain.


The Team

Manzalab’s creative and technical teams conduct projects in their entirety. They master all disciplines, from initial conception phase to development and final delivery. Pedagogy, scenarios, game rules, graphic design and computer development are designed together in an interlinked process, ensuring success to each project.


The managing partners

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The managing partners

Aurélien Lévêque Technical Director

Holding a DESS (communication, networks, image) from University Paris-Est and a Master in computer science, Aurélien Levêque is specialized in of 3D engine programing. His long experience of game production, acquired at Visual Impact, allow him to be a specialist of virtual reality and real time multi-device 3D display. He is managing Manzalab computer development since its foundation.

The managing partners

Didier Poli Artistic Director

Holding a diploma of the renowned Ecole des Gobelins, Didier Poli cumulates 17 years of experience in digital imaging. Artistic Manager for the main game studios in France (Kalisto, Ubisoft), he then made a prestigious career in the world of animation: Walt Disney Animation Studios, Sip Animation, Moonscoop, Xilam, Sparx…. Author of comic strips, Didier Poli is also a producer of digital comic strips in France. He joined Manzalab as Artistic Director in 2013.

The managing partners

Vincent Berlioz Production Directeur - Founding Partner

After 20 years of experience in interactive business, Vincent Berlioz is specialized in the production of multimedia projects. Holding a diploma from the Paris Arts deco (ENSAD), he becomes passionate about new image technologies. Co-founder of Index+ in 1996, then partner of Wanadoo Edition (videogame subsidiary of France telecom), he was in charge of content and managed all the production activities of these companies (100 employees). Thanks to his technical expertise, he led many successful projects in various fields (video games, internet, mobile phone, R&D). He is a co-founder of Manzalab, and brings his valuable experience of people and business.

The managing partners

Clément Merville President - Founding Partner

Clément Merville, computer engineer and an HEC graduate, is a passionate player. He first chose to join Ubisoft, European leader of videogame publishers, as a producer and a buyer of videogames created by development studios in France and foreign countries. He then joined Kalisto Paris as Director of partnerships, working with Nicolas Gaume. In 2001, he became Director of Acquisitions for Wanadoo Edition (videogame subsidiary of France Telecom Group). He then worked 5 years for Oberon Media (USA), leader of online casual games production: this is where he studied the new audience and use of videogames and decided to create Manzalab in 2010.

The managing partners

Emmanuel Le Gouguec Consulting and R&D - Founding Partner

ENSTA graduate engineer, Emmanuel Le Gouguec worked 15 years for various companies (Schwartzkopf, Wella, Price Waterhouse, P&G), being in charge of industrial optimization. Creator of a consulting firm specialized in economic performance, author of the “Practical manual for cost reduction”, he thus became tuned in the needs of the business world. Convinced of the importance of digital tools to help decision making in the industrial world, he developed within Manzalab an activity of “augmented consulting” through the use of visualization tools such as D2C. He manages the subsidiary Manzaconsulting and drives Manzalab R&D activities.

The managing partners

Michael Stora Head of Scientific Animation

Michael Stora is a psychologist and clinician researcher. Pioneer in France as regards therapeutic use of videogames, he is cofounder of the “Observatoire des Mondes Numériques en Sciences humaines” in France [Digital worlds Observatory in the field of Human Sciences]. As a public authority’s expert, Michael Stora takes part in numerous interministerial commissions and has been managing the psychological committee of since 2008. He is also a member of the SFR foundation and of the Digital Advisory Board of Mc Donald’s. Thanks to Manzalab, he can turn his innovative theories in the psychological field into interactive images.

The managing partners

Maurice Leblond Head of Business Development

Holding a diploma from HEC, founder of TF1 Video, then in charge of the film investment policy outside of France for TF1, Maurice Leblond manages the subsidiary TF1 USA in Los Angeles. Executive producer of several pictures, he establishes production agreements with US Studios. Initiator of the film “Le Petit Nicolas”, producer for Yemaya films, (M6, France TV), he joined Manzalab to develop Serious Games projects. He brings to the team his skill as a storyteller.


The managers

Valérie Radelet Head of Project Management and pedagogy engineering

Holding a Master degree from ESC Rennes and a MBA from Wake forest University – Babcock Graduate School of Management (USA), Valérie Radelet worked 15 years for Ubisoft Entertainement as project manager and videogame producer. She manages the Development and training content of the publishing house and initiated numerous projects for all devices. She joined Manzalab as project manager and pedagogy engineer in 2011.

The managers

Julien Caporal Head of Pedagogy Department

Julien Caporal has dedicated himself since 20 years to new learning experiences. Holding a Phd in computer science (hypermedia and digital cartography), Julien Caporal is also holding a Master in computer and industrial methods. Visionary, he involves himself into web activities and starts Atcommultimedia as early as 1995. In 2001, within Unilog, he initiates H2H, aiming at creating collaborative solutions for banking and pharmaceutical businesses. As of 2005, he manages Unilog (which became Logica, and is now CGI) production and deployment teams in charge of producing custom made vocational training devices, to deliver e-learning, blended learning and serious games services. He joined Manzalab in 2013 to develop the pedagogy skills of the company.

The managers

Martin Schuchewytsch Head of Artistic Technical Department

Holding a diploma from Isart Digital in 2003, the videogame and 3D animation school, Martin Schuchewytsch managed for 10 years the graphic design production of numerous videogames on all devices for the game development company Visual Impact. Since 2011, he has been bringing is great experience of digital technologies to Manzalab and manages graphic production.

The managers

Antoine Vivet Head of Creation Department

Holding a diploma from Olivier de Serres school (communication image), with 20 years of experience in digital design and motion design, Antoine Vivet started his career within the advertising agency FCA!. In 1992 he decided to get into the developing multimedia world and thus worked for Philips. He directed two award winning short films (“Rébellion” and “Ramsès II”). In 2000 Antoine turned himself towards internet as he became creative director of the Babel@stal agency (Web design) with a team of 20 designers to manage. In 2004, Antoine became cofounder of Longue-vue (communication design agency) with solid references such as RATP, Orange R&D, ADP gsi, Château de Versailles, France 5… In 2013, he joined Manzalab as creative director, whilst maintaining his activities for the agency Longue-vue.

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The Scientific Committee

Dr Jean-Baptiste Labrune MIT Researcher

Jean-Baptiste Labrune is a design anthropologist and an affiliated researcher with the MIT Medialab (Boston) and Bell Labs (France). Holding a Phd in human machine interface, specialist of creativity, his researches led him to develop CRTs (Creativity Research Tools) which allow artists to document and explore their own creative process. He is in particular interested by the “exaptive” innovation, the collaboration between arts and sciences and the future of playful cultures. He teaches within European design schools, as, for example, the Institute of Interactive Design Ivrea, Mediamatic in Amsterdam, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs and les Beaux-Arts in Paris. He also gives lectures in research centers, such as the Paris IV University, La Cité des Sciences and the Institut Pasteur.

The Scientific Committee

Dr Sid Kouider CNRS Research Director

Sid Kouider is a cognitive neuroscience researcher within CNRS. He studied partly with l’Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales and the Harvard University in the US. He currently manages a research team within the Ecole Normale Supérieure de la rue d’Ulm, dedicated to studying the psychological and neurobiological foundations of perceptive consciousness. He uses behavioral and brain imaging methods and he studies how conscious and unconscious process differ from psychological and neurologic standpoints. This approach allows to comprehend the functional and physiological specificities of consciousness and to understand why human beings develop both conscious and unconscious reactions.

The Scientific Committee

Dr Olivier Ricou Director of Research and Development Laboratory of Epita

Olivier Ricou, Phd in digital analysis, moved very early into close domains within computer sciences such as parallel processing, or not so close such as geopolitics and the internet. Within this environment, he created and managed the Association of internet users. He was vice-president of ISOC-France and he created l’Ecole Ouverte de l’Internet. He currently manages the Research and Development Laboratory of Epita (the LRDE). Olivier also dedicates himself to a strong playful activity, which earned him to participate in numerous tournaments but above all led him to create a MMO Strategic Games company.

The Scientific Committee

Dr Xavier Pommereau

Director of the Pôle Acquitain de l’adolescent [adolescent center of Acquitaine] within the Abadie Center (CHU of Bordeaux), Xavier Pommereau is a psychiatrist, specialist of adolescents in distress. He is a pioneer of young people suicide prevention in France, and he opened 20 years ago the first hospital unit specifically dedicated to suicidal young people. He also created in 2000 a specialized unit dedicated to supporting young people suffering from eating disorders. Member of the childhood and adolescence observatory attached to the Ministry of National Education, Xavier Pommereau is also author of several books such as “Quand l’adoslescent va mal” [when the adolescent is unwell] (J’ai lu, 2003) or “Ados en ville, mères en vrac”) [Adolescents in the city, mothers in pieces] (Albin Michel, 2010), “Nos en images” [Our in images] (Odile Jacob, 2011).

The Scientific Committee

Charles-Henri Besseyre des Horts

Charles-Henri Besseyre des Horts, holder of two PhDs, is Associate Professor in the Master of Human Resources department at HEC school of management. He has been heading the HEC-Webhelp research chair “Human Capital and performance” since its creation at the end of 2012. He gives lectures within all programs of the HEC Group: HEC School of management, HEC MBA, HEC Executive Education (HEC Exed: executive managers programs). He is scientific co-director of the HR Strategic Management MS at HEC Exed. His researches focus on change management strategies within companies and organizations, in particular within the framework of digital revolution, on relationship between human capital and enterprise performance. He published numerous papers and about ten books such as, recently, “L’entreprise mobile” [the mobile enterprise] (Pearson, 2008) and “RH au quotidien” [Everyday HR] (Dunod, 2011). He is actively involved in international counseling and training activities in Europe, Asia and Africa.

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Spearheaded by Michael Stora, Manzalab’s scientific committee is in charge of working on the prospective study of Serious Games. He maintains links with university structures and research laboratories.


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